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Click here to play excerpts from the award winning documentary ‘Hard Rain’
Produced, edited and filmed by Ken Pugh

Matchframe is Ken Pugh's video production company, established in 1998 and based in Kent, in the UK.

Over the past 16 years, Ken has been editing, filming and producing broadcast documentaries for international TV channels such as BBC World News. He has also worked for corporate clients (Shell, Sainsbury's), international agencies (The United Nations, The World Bank) NGO's and charities (Greenpeace, WWF, The British Council) making promos, video news releases and training films.

Ken has covered a broad range of issues from the environment and development through to culture and society. Subjects have included HIV in Africa, Islamic architecture in India, Information Technology in Jordan, the street life of Marrakech and sea level rise in the South Pacific. His focus is to clearly communicate complex subjects while making engaging people-centred films.

If you would like to discuss how he can help you with a project, he can be contacted via this

For examples of Ken's work and more information about the issues covered, please see the ‘
Documentaries’, ‘Promo’s’ and ‘Filmography’ sections of the site.


Part of BBC World's winning entry 'Best Documentary Channel' 2011

Winner 'BEST FILM' Environmental Film Awards, 2012

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